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Head of ESG Advisory Leahruth Jemilo Discussed the Social Component of ESG in FEI Daily

Leahruth Jemilo, Head of ESG Advisory at Corbin Advisors, was featured in an article today in FEI Daily: 3 Reasons Why CFOs Are Focusing on the Social Component of ESG in 2022. As the data that shows ESG matters as an important component of the bottom line, Jemilo reported an increasing number of meaningful conversations about ESG and value creation with CFOs. 

Jemilo pointed to Corbin Advisors research that found that 84% of investors surveyed reported that ESG has grown in importance as an investment factor over the last two years. “When probed about the most important factors of the Social component, investors cited Human Capital Management and Diversity & Inclusion,” Jemilo said. 

While the Social component has been challenging to quantify due to the wide breadth of topics it encompasses, that is changing, she added. She pointed to the UN Global Compact, which in 2019 established a CFO Taskforce to more formally engage CFOs worldwide as part of the mission to integrate UN Sustainable Development Goals and integrate them into corporate strategy, financing and investor relations.  

With that in mind, Jemilo identified three key priorities related to the Social component of ESG and their impact on the bottom line that relate to attracting, retaining and engaging key talent. “Employing a well thought out and inclusive talent management plan as part of your holistic business strategy can prove to be a competitive advantage, setting your organization apart from its peers,” Jemilo said. 

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