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We execute flawlessly and efficiently on our insights-driven plans, creating immediate and sustained value for our clients.

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We execute flawlessly and efficiently on our insights-driven plans, creating immediate and sustained value for our clients.

Explore Our Solutions​


Through a strategic and process-oriented approach, we add value throughout the earnings cycle

Earnings is one of the most critical communication platforms a company has to maximize value and mitigate risk. Four times a year, management can demonstrate execution against the communicated plan, reinforce strategy, address knowledge gaps and appropriately set expectations. In the event operating performance falls short of expectations, thoughtful, strategic communication can play a critical role in mitigating concern and rebuilding credibility. As former buy-side investors, sell-side analysts, IROs and communications experts, we work collaboratively with C-Suite and Investor Relations executives, advising on earnings strategy – every quarter is the championship game – and developing best-in-class materials that serve to educate, engage, and positively differentiate our clients, even when communicating mixed or weak underlying results.

Employing an outside-in perspective, we put a critical, experienced eye to evaluating earnings-related materials, identifying themes to highlight pitfalls, unnecessary complexity, confusing content, and potential questions.

Our end-to-end earnings solution encompasses macro insights, real-time trends and competitive intelligence, content development, guidance strategy, management Q&A preparation, and around-the-clock support.

Leveraging our deep capital markets expertise, best practice knowledge and process excellence, we fix expectations, management issues, build management credibility, and generate increased support from investors and analysts.

Investor Day

We are the industry leader when it comes to investor day impact

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According to proprietary research, 94% of investors view these events as value-added and a valuable use of time.

Investor days are best practice. We have seen first-hand the meaningful impact a compelling investor day has on investor and analyst sentiment and valuation. Our expertise, strategic direction, and tactical execution consistently deliver impact for this key constituency. We have developed a proven approach to engaging investors, building management credibility, and positively rerating companies. Our proven approach comprises:
  • Pre-event Voice of Investor® Perception Study
  • Event Planning and Project Management
  • Marketing Strategy and Execution
  • Investment Thesis and Investor Presentation Development
  • Presenter Preparation and Coaching
  • Post-event Survey

Investor Day Case Study

The following Case Study reflects our proven methodology that supports consistent value realization:

Engagement Highlights

  • February 2022: Client engages to conduct Voice of Investor,® Perception Study in preparation for an Investor Day
  • Q1’22: Communications/Gap Analysis begins; Investor Day strategy discussion kicks off
  • Q2’22: Voice of Investor® Perception Study findings and recommendations presented to Executive Committee and Board
  • Q2’22: ESG Advisory engagement kicks off
  • Q4’22: Client hosts Investor Day

Key Results

  • Positive sell-side reactions, new shareholder initiations, stock price appreciation, and glowing management feedback on their experience working with Corbin
  • Leveraging proprietary research and analytics, a best-practice mindset, executional excellence, and a deep understanding of what influences sentiment – Corbin deployed our proven Value Realization Model


February 2022




Financial Services


  • Founded in 1866
  • Ohio-based
  • Commercial, consumer, and mortgage banking services
  • Mix of new and seasoned leaders
  • Recently completed transformational acquisition
  • Opportunity to incorporate ESG into their investment thesis

SVP | Financial Services

Very well prepared

Felt very well prepared for both the actual Investor Day presentation and the ensuing Q&A. My deck reflected the key points that were important to my segment and was well received.  

Initial Public Offering (IPO)

We serve as an independent advisor to CEOs and their teams preparing for and following the IPO

With deep expertise on the factors that influence valuation and unparalleled access to real-time buy-side sentiment, we offer a unique perspective and value-added counsel on investment thesis and equity story positioning to ensure maximum value is unlocked through the IPO and beyond.

Following an IPO, we serve as an investor relations advisor, architecting and activating industry-leading strategies and providing tactical execution support. We have a long history of value creation through deploying our proven investor relations approach.

Strategy & Communications

We help our clients focus on The Big So What™ to capture value

Our proprietary buy-side research finds investors, on average, report researching 55 potential investment opportunities at any given time. The ability to effectively communicate your equity story and overarching messages are critical to targeting, cultivating and converting investors into shareholders, and maintaining their trust over the long-term.

Our insights-based approach is founded in our deep knowledge of the factors that impact valuation – born out of decades of Voice of Investor® research – and architecting and activating comprehensive investor communications programs that resonate with the Street and build management credibility.

Access insights in our regularly published research, which captures trends in institutional investor sentiment globally

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