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Leveraging our foundational research and best practices, we architect tailored strategies to realize value.

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Leveraging our foundational research and best practices, we architect tailored strategies to realize value.

Explore Our Solutions​

ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance)

We began building our ESG knowledge base in 2010, surveying institutional investors globally on the topic, so we can provide our clients with expert experience today

Our growing repository of proprietary, research-based insights on the rapidly developing ESG landscape has fueled our thought leadership on this important topic.

No matter where you are on your journey, we develop a tailored strategy to assist you with assessing, architecting, activating, and accelerating your ESG strategy to ensure maximum investor understanding and impact.

Our solutions include:

  • ESG Communications Gap Analysis
  • Benchmarking: Peer, Customer and Best-In-Class Companies
  • CSR / Sustainability Reports
  • ESG-dedicated Investor Presentations
  • Board Executive Leadership Education

ESG Case Study

The engagement task: Why a focus on sustainability is good for the company’s business?

Engagement Highlights

  • Client engaged Corbin to produce sustainability-dedicated webcast and accompanying presentation highlighting company-wide sustainability innovations and value creating efforts
  • Corbin ESG and Investor Day team members worked with key senior leaders and subject matter experts to craft compelling narrative around the company’s pioneering sustainability strategy
  • Corbin Creative developed presentation showcasing new initiative and client’s long track record of sustainability prioritization

Key Results

  • Robust webcast and presentation with thoughtful messaging and clear tie-ins between sustainability, innovation and strategic positioning with overall corporate strategy and value creation
  • Answering why sustainability is good for the company’s business and serves as a competitive advantage in a market of ever changing / evolving changing customer preferences

Future Opportunities

  • Sustainable Impact investor-dedicated presentation
  • Sustainable Impact Report webcast
  • Sustainable Impact Report


August 2023






  • S&P 500 company specializing in personal computers, printers, and 3D printing solutions
  • One of the world’s top personal computer vendors by volume

IR | Technology

Very professional team who consistently delivered

The Corbin team was highly professional, provided insightful guidance based on their experience in this area, and consistently delivered an on-time, thorough and high-quality product across all aspects of the project.

Investor Presentations

We positively rerate companies and drive value through effective investor communication and engagement

We architect comprehensive and compelling communications and marketing strategies that deeply engage high-quality, long-term investors.

We take the time to understand your company and develop a compelling equity story reflective of the value and opportunities we identify during our discovery process. 

Investors have a lot of choice and limited bandwidth. Leveraging our research-based insights on the factors that influence valuation, investor communication expertise, deep technical skills, and agency-level design – our signature investor presentations serve to educate, engage and positively influence investors and analysts.

Investor Targeting & Marketing

Given the increasingly competitive landscape for active investment capital, the right approach to cultivating relationships with compatible investors can meaningfully improve your company’s valuation

We provide the research and know-how to ensure your time and resources are maximized. Leveraging industry-leading targeting software, sophisticated analytical capabilities, and our in-depth knowledge of and relationships with the buy-side and sell-side, we deliver actionable insights and assist in activating a marketing strategy that consistently results in shareholder conversions and sell-side coverage.

Access insights in our regularly published research, which captures trends in institutional investor sentiment globally

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