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Rob Lockerman, CFA

VP, Investor Day
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The Client Excellence Award

Rob Lockerman, CFA, has been a team member at Corbin Advisors since 2022. Devin Davis, Head of Marketing and Communications, sat down with Rob to learn more about his experience at Corbin and what continues to inspire him.

Please walk me through your role and responsibilities.

Currently, I lead Investor Day client engagements across several verticals. My goal is making sure we are bringing the full complement of Corbin’s capabilities to every engagement. Meaning, we aren’t just thinking about the Investor Day, but rather ensuring our clients benefit from all potential areas of opportunity, including one-on-one executive coaching, investment thesis development, and other solutions that support client outperformance.

What do you love most about the work you do at Corbin Advisors?

I truly enjoy the opportunity to work with clients across multiple sectors, situations, and market caps. It’s exciting to see how our clients create value for their customers, employees, and shareholders. It’s also interesting to see the array of clients we have with large footprints in the areas we live and travel. One of the coolest things is being able to see our client logos while traveling through my local town and neighborhoods. These are “everyday” brands we get to work with.

In 2023, you were recognized with the Client Excellence Award for consistently delivering above expectations. What inspires you?

It’s part of my nature to be detail oriented. Our clients are doing incredible work, but the more we continue to bring excellence to the work we do – we are helping position them in a manner that elevates their position in the market. Sometimes clients may not have the value realization they deserve when they first engage with Corbin, so we want to ensure we take a thoughtful and creative approach in our work with them. Our end goal is to help them realize improved valuation and recognition in the markets that they serve, and in our specific area – the equity markets.

What‘s the best advice you would give to someone who is just starting their career or looking at Corbin Advisors for their first career opportunity?

Corbin is an amazing organization and culture. You have the chance to work for some of the best corporations in the world and some of the best leaders in their industries. As with any consulting role, I want new team members to be sponges and absorb as much knowledge as possible – both from the clients and from other Corbin team members.

Interested in a career with Corbin?

We’re always looking for top talent. 

Founder & CEO, Rebecca Corbin with the Corbin Team at the Farmington, CT Headquarters

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