Q1'23 Inside The Buy-Side® Earnings Primer®

Founder and CEO, Rebecca Corbin, Featured on Bloomberg Radio’s Show “Bloomberg Businessweek”

Founder and CEO Rebecca Corbin was featured on Bloomberg Radio\’s Bloomberg Businessweek show to discuss Q3 earnings and expectations for the quarter on October 22, 2021. Rebecca joined hosts Carol Massar and Tim Stenovec for the 15-minute interview.

Rebecca spoke about shifting  investor sentiment with increasing supply chain and inflation concerns, noting that management tone was the most downbeat since the onset of COVID-19, according to the Q\’321 Inside The Buy-side® Industrial Sentiment Survey.® 

Despite heightened concerns, Rebecca noted 2022 outlooks remain upbeat on strong demand, with 68% of investors expecting continued strong demand levels in 2022.

To listen to Bloomberg Radio\’s Bloomberg Businessweek episodes, click here.

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