Q3'23 Inside The Buy-Side® Earnings Primer®

From Value-Add
to Valuation Driver:

The Impact of Investor Relations 15 Years Later​

Today’s dynamic and rapidly-evolving capital markets landscape requires companies to minimize valuation downside risk and maximize upside potential through differentiated and bold investor relations, driven from the top-down.

IR as a Valuation Driver

We asked institutional investors the impact IR can have on a share price, providing options from 0% to 100% at 10 percentage point increments. The result?

The buy side, on average, believes IR can influence a share price by approximately 40%

Corbin Advisors was founded in November 2007 with a clear purpose: to leverage insights-driven research as a powerful catalyst for influencing investor sentiment and unlocking shareholder value. 

And for the past 15 years, we have deployed a proven model for enabling companies to realize value, leveraging our proprietary research and analytics, a best-practice mindset, execution excellence, and a deep understanding of what influences investor sentiment. Partnering with organizations globally across all market cap sizes and sectors, our knowledge and insights drive breakthrough thinking and impact.

From the pivotal years of the Global Financial Crisis, to the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, to today’s increasingly complex and dynamic environment, our strategic advisory has been shaped by our unmatched, proprietary database – Corbin Analytics – comprising more than 20,000 comprehensive interviews with institutional investors and analysts, publicly-traded company directors, and executives since our founding.

While environments and cycles have come and gone, administrations have changed, and geopolitics have continued to shift, one outcome has been clear: investor relations (IR) has elevated from value-add 15 years ago to a valuation driver for public companies today, and never more important amidst the most downbeat global institutional investor sentiment in more than a decade.

With this thought leadership, we take a step back to examine key IR trends over the past decade-and-a half since our founding and the impact IR will have today and for the foreseeable future.

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Since Corbin Advisors’ founding in November 2007, the fundamental elements of investor relations have stood the test of time, but its scope, strategy, and share price impact have shifted from value-add 15 years ago to a valuation driver today. Successfully improving your company’s equity valuation through effective IR requires learning from the past while anticipating and proactively addressing rapidly changing trends in an increasingly uncertain and complex environment. 15 years later and for the foreseeable future, IR is a clear driver of valuation.

Rebecca Corbin, Founder & CEO portrait

Rebecca Corbin
Founder and CEO of Corbin Advisors

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