Our Proprietary Voice of InvestorTM Research Is A Catalyst For Positive, Thoughtful Change

We have earned our reputation as an industry-leading primary investor research firm through our proven methodology and track record of creating value for public companies. The investor landscape is dynamic and ever-evolving. Competition for active investor capital is more intense than ever; understanding key constituent perceptions is critical to high performance. Listening to and engaging with shareholders is not only best practice but essential to corporate governance.

Our Voice of InvestorTM (VOI) process is collaborative, customized and yields results while our respected reputation among Wall Street firms serves to elevate our client’s investment brand.

“I have participated in several Corbin perception studies over the years. More recently, I've seen Corbin's influence as a consultant and advisor to some of the companies in which we have invested. Corbin knows these businesses well and I have been impressed by their clear and effective communication with the investment community. I think this is a winning proposition for all constituents.”  Portfolio Manager | Core Value Investment Advisor, $7B AUM

Primary Objectives Include But are Not Limited To:
  • Defining how your company is perceived on an absolute basis and relative to industry and market-cap peers, as well as other relevant benchmarks

  • Identifying factors influencing investment decisions and opportunities to unlock embedded value

  • Verifying preferences for uses of excess cash and capturing views on capital deployment performance

  • Evaluating the effectiveness of your investor relations efforts and investor communication channels

  • Developing actionable strategies to differentiate your company as an investment and drive long-term shareholder value
Typical Catalysts to Conduct Investor Perception Research Include:
  • Preparing for an investor day

  • Undergoing changes in strategy (e.g., transformation) or corporate structure (e.g., portfolio realignment)

  • Onboarding C-suite leadership

  • Experiencing absolute and/or relative valuation underperformance

  • Executing an activist shareholder plan

  • Developing a best-in-class investor relations program focused on continuous improvement