We have worked with Rebecca and the Corbin team in different capacities over the past several years where they consulted and provided valuable insights into significant corporate events that impacted our strategy. This included strategic acquisitions, spin-off’s and divestitures and they were instrumental in providing valuable advice to senior management on key messaging for these transactions to ensure they were clearly understood and why they drove shareholder value. She has also lead an effort to capture in-depth insights and perceptions from our shareholders and top investors which we have used to improve our overall external messaging to shareholders and analysts. CFO | Mid-cap Healthcare
Rebecca and I have worked together for many years, and the positive outcomes for the company have been meaningful over many investment cycles. Rebecca was influential by making material improvements to our messaging regarding our portfolio transformation. We have used Rebecca’s experience to help sculpt several investor days, and investor presentations. I view Rebecca as a strategic partner that has helped navigate and understand investor sentiment. I believe Rebecca gives us a strategic advantage and continues to help us create value. CEO | Large-cap REIT
We started working with Corbin when we wanted to create a baseline IR perception study ahead of some significant messaging and targeting initiatives. After a considerable amount of research looking at large and small firms, we felt Corbin comprised the right balance between industry understanding and IR perception study expertise while also sharing our need to be able to go beyond the study’s pure numbers. The study informed our approach meaningfully as we began to evolve and better align our shareholder base. Rebecca remained integrated in our efforts beyond the IR perception study, and we have more recently expanded the relationship to also include advisory services. I’m looking forward to the mutual success that this more comprehensive partnership will bring. VP, IR | Mid-cap Technology
Professionalism, diligence and execution which produce results is what you can expect when engaging with Corbin.  VP, Finance and Corporate Controller | Small-cap Services
We have worked with Corbin on several occasions, including on a tight timeframe to announce significant corporate events. They are reliable, responsive and fast, and they bring a great work ethic and strategic point of view to ensure our management team is well-prepared. I know we can count on Corbin when we need high quality and want to raise the bar. Head of Strategy & IR | Mid-cap Healthcare
Rebecca and her team started the engagement with several meetings with senior management, both by phone and in person. Corbin had done their homework on our company and listened to understand our strategies, values and philosophies and our approach to IR. We started with a perception study, which was very helpful as it confirmed some things that we believed were the case but also pointed out areas that needed to be clarified for the market. Throughout 2015, Rebecca counseled us on press releases and earnings call scripts, which helped sharpen the message. The process culminated with an Investor Day in 2016. We had never done one before and it was a huge project. Rebecca worked tirelessly (and patiently!) with our business unit leaders and senior management to sharpen the message, clarify our strategies and provide better access to management. The Investor Day was very successful and helped put the company in a better light with investors. She has continued to counsel us on various matters, including succession planning and messaging to the market.  I have found her approach and style to be perfect for our company – she clearly states her opinions but does so in a way that is constructive while respecting the company’s personality and style. She’s knowledgeable and has been a valued advisor and counselor to our company.  I have thoroughly enjoyed partnering with her over the past couple of years. She has created real value to our investor relations strategy and approach. CFO | Mid-cap Industrial
We hired Rebecca and her team to perform a perception study as we were developing a new IR and communication strategy following a successful corporate turn-around. The work that they performed was very thorough, and provided us with valuable insights into our business and our stakeholders. However, the thing that I valued the most from our engagement was the very specific and actionable recommendations that Rebecca and her team provided to us. This allowed us to quickly implement some changes to our approach, and produced positive results almost immediately. I also appreciated how Rebecca and her entire team took a vested interest in our success, and continued to provide valuable insights and assistance to us, even after the engagement was complete. Rebecca and her team acted more like an extension of our company than 3rd party consultants. I anticipate a long and mutually beneficial relationship with Corbin going forward. Highly recommended. CFO | Small-cap Consumer Goods
We first engaged Corbin to conduct a perception study, which served as a catalyst to elevate our shareholder engagement strategy.  Given this positive experience, we engaged them to assist with our first investor day.  They led our entire management team through the process and were instrumental in developing a comprehensive investment story and presentation.  Throughout the engagement, Corbin provided valuable guidance, constructive feedback and support.  They helped us sharpen our story, which was received positively by our shareholders and analysts.  But, what I really value about Rebecca and her team is that they continue to challenge us to be best-in-class in terms of our investor communication, transparency and shareholder engagement, which has advanced our investor relations program.   Without question, I would recommend Corbin because they care and deliver results. Chairman & CEO | Mid-cap Industrial