Corbin has delivered consistent value in the perception studies they have performed for us, as well as much needed assistance in preparing us for our Investor Day. This event would not have been the success it was without Rebecca and her team leading this task. Rebecca is very professional and clearly an expert in her field. I highly recommend Corbin. VP, IR | Large-cap REIT
Professional, analytical, creative and decisive…Corbin is everything I needed in a consulting partner. First, they delivered a perception study that was both comprehensive and highly insightful, combining qualitative and quantitative analysis with succinct highlights and clear action items. Corbin then helped us create a best-in-class investor day presentation and prepare management to deliver our strategic messages in a concise and compelling manner. Without hesitation, I recommend Rebecca Corbin based on her project execution, finished product, and professional collaboration with our executive team. SVP, Investor & Corporate Communications | Small-cap Healthcare IT
I had the pleasure of working with Rebecca Corbin and her team on our first Investor Day. It was a very important time in the evolution of our strategies across our companies. We worked closely with Rebecca and the team at Corbin to provide a detailed and compelling case for the long-term investment in our firm.  Corbin was direct in their feedback and helped our leaders share our strategies in a compelling and detailed manner. The actionable insights were invaluable for a team that had not been through an Investor Day. The outcome was a confident leadership team telling their story, a more informed and engaged analyst and investor community, and a clear understanding of our value proposition and core differentiated strategies, as well as detailed initiatives to justify the upside in our companies. CEO | Large-cap Financial
When we contacted Corbin, we were three months away from the first Investor Day in over five years with new leadership. They acted quickly to conduct a perception study and extract the relevant details we needed to have a successful event. Equally as important as the interviews they conducted was Rebecca’s insight, industry knowledge and professionalism. We came to rely on her in prepping for the Investor Day and many subsequent events. VP, Corp. Comm. and IR | Small-cap REIT
I have worked with Rebecca Corbin on two separate projects and have been thoroughly satisfied with the results. The first occasion was a much needed perception study through which we uncovered a significant gap between our intended message and investors' perceptions. She directed the entire program from interview design through interpretation of results and provided an objective third party perspective that has helped guide subsequent communications. This experience led to a second assignment where she coordinated all aspects of our 2007 Analyst Day. Working around the clock with functional and business leaders as well as administrative staff, she provided valuable input on message content, presentation format and logistics. Based on post-event feedback, it was by far our most successful meeting in recent history. Chairman and CEO | Large-cap Diversified Industrial
We have utilized Corbin for multiple perception studies as well as investor day preparation since 2008. We’ve found these Corbin services highly valuable with many actionable items which have helped our firm enhance its value and reputation with the investment community. SVP, IR & Strategy | Large-cap REIT
As an independent director of a company that went public on the NYSE two years ago, I knew Corbin could be a valuable resource to the management team in helping them think through their investment positioning, strategic direction and capital allocation plans. Initially she was engaged to conduct a perception study that was thorough, relevant and thought provoking. The management team was so impressed by the value of the study that they asked Rebecca to present to the board. We truly appreciated Corbin’s insights and it helped crystalize our views and led to a multi-step capital allocation plan. In addition, management has engaged Corbin to host its first annual investor day which will coincide with the release of preliminary earnings forecasts and an overhauled investor presentation.  She has enabled that team, from the CEO to the head of IR, to have more confidence in the message they are delivering. Independent Director | Small-cap Industrial