A mid-cap services company with a relatively new CEO and CFO was nearing the end of a comprehensive strategic review with plans to unveil the updated plan at its first Investor Day. 

Engagement Scope

  • Perception Study
  • Investor Day Strategy & Execution
  • Investor Presentation
  • Post-event Survey

We were first retained to conduct a perception study ahead of the event; high-level objectives included:

  • Gauge investor and analyst sentiment, particularly regarding current strategy and business model relative to peers, as well as capital allocation framework and M&A track record
  • Identify knowledge gaps, areas of investment story requiring further clarification and topics of interest ahead of the Investor Day
  • Determine key messaging effectiveness and establish a baseline assessment on management and investor relations for future benchmarking

Key Discoveries

  • General agreement and preference for the Company’s current business model, an important finding as the updated strategy called for a more aggressive approach; this insight helped shape messaging around the shift
  • Cautious optimism toward the new management team’s ability to drive shareholder value with most classifying the investment as a “show me” story
  • Heightened expectations for communicating a comprehensive and transparent long-term vision at Investor Day
  • Significant clarification required around capital allocation strategy and M&A framework
  • Additional business model and segment-level disclosure critical due to significant knowledge gaps and limited understanding as to how the Company is differentiated 
  • Opportunity to increase overall investor engagement and develop a formal, more proactive IR program

Following our perception study report-out with management, we were engaged to assist with the full execution of the investor day, including a post-event survey to measure the success of the event and provide management with direct feedback.

Investor Day Role

  • Worked around the clock with C-suite and operational executives
  • Translated recently completed strategy work into an investor-centric communication; developed critical messages
  • Developed new investor presentation, from template design to content to flow –  comprising 100+ slides
  • Facilitated dry run and dress rehearsal; provided critical feedback to enhance messaging, build confidence for Q&A
  • Provided insight into best practices and thoughtfully advised management to provide necessary level of transparency


  • Management and IR developed a strong understanding of investor perceptions on key discovery areas, which influenced communication and strategy decisions
  • Actions taken following the study included:
    • Addressed knowledge gaps, concerns and misperceptions identified in perception study
    • Outlined comprehensive go-forward strategy, business model and provided segment deep dives
    • Communicated key initiatives and introduced three-year financial targets, necessary steps to address the “show me” story element
    • Initiated a dividend based on Corbin’s research and recommendation, which substantiated discussions the board was having about uses
  • Post-event, 68% of investors and analysts described their sentiment toward the company as more positive while 60% asserted it was a more compelling investment
  • Objectives heading into event were achieved, critical messages resonated and investor and analyst feedback was overwhelmingly positive

“Level of detail provided by the Heads of each business unit was very helpful.”

“Superb access to the division presidents and excellent presentations.”

“Learned many specifics.  Listened to division heads not heard from previously.”

“Clear message of determination by new management to tackle issues in a focused way and drive higher levels of performance.”

“Clear vision, identifiable margin pathway; now looking to capitalize.”

“Analyst day lives up to expectations.”

“Sets path for high-quality growth as updated strategy kicks into gear; valuation keeps us on the sidelines”