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Leahruth Jemilo, Head of ESG Advisory, Featured in FEI Daily

Leahruth Jemilo, Head of ESG Advisory, wrote an article that explores the increasing focus of CFOs on the Social component of ESG that was featured in today’s FEI Daily.

“Employing a well thought out and inclusive talent management plan as part of your holistic business strategy can prove to be a competitive advantage, setting your organization apart from its peers,” Jemilo wrote.

Here are three key priorities related to the Social component of ESG for attracting, retaining and engaging key talent:

1. Employee retention saves the bottom line

An ESG strategy can help reduce turnover, which has both tangible and intangible costs.

2. Access to the best and brightest is essential to both short and long-term value creation. 

Creating an environment where employees see themselves represented across the workforce can lead to a sense of greater inclusion and belonging.

3. Engaged employees contribute more significantly 

The Great Resignation has employees reflecting in a new way about what they want out of their work lives, whether it\’s a more flexible schedule or something more purpose-driven.

With the war for talent upon us, elevating the Social component of ESG and incorporating a human capital management strategy are integral to long-term value creation.

To read the full article, click here.

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